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A versatile legal professional who wears many hats. At heart, he’s a civil litigation lawyer and appellate litigator, handling appeals and review proceedings with a keen eye for justice. Houman proudly boasts a “Civil Litigation Certificate” from the esteemed Advocates’ Society, a testament to his dedication to the field.

But that’s not all. Houman’s passion extends to family law, where he’s armed with a “Family Law Skills and Practice” Certificate from Osgoode Hall. He’s not just a lawyer; he’s also an adjunct university professor who’s shared his wisdom by teaching Finance and CGA courses. When it comes to complex and intense family law matters, especially those involving property division, Houman’s your dependable guide.

His compassion shines through in immigration and refugee cases. Houman passionately advocates for his clients before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) and Federal Court, thanks to his “Adjudication for Administrative Agencies, Boards and Tribunals” Certificate from Osgoode Hall. His dedication to fairness and justice knows no bounds.

Houman’s commitment to his clients’ well-being is unwavering. He’s an active member of STEP Canada, where he’s part of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. This means he’s not only skilled in handling contentious capacity and estate litigation but also well-versed in estate administration matters, from probate to estate trustee appointments. Planning for the future is a breeze with Houman’s expert guidance, whether it’s crafting wills or setting up trusts that perfectly align with his clients’ wishes and financial situations.

Tort Law is another realm where Houman thrives. He’s a specialist in this field, deftly navigating various personal injury cases, including Accident Benefits (AB) and Tort claims. His empathy and dedication are instrumental in helping his clients seek the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Employment litigation is yet another arena where Houman’s expertise shines through. Wrongful dismissal cases and human rights complaints find a champion in him. He confidently stands before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, ready to fight for justice. His prowess in administrative law is fortified by his “Adjudication for Administrative Agencies, Boards and Tribunals” Certificate, a joint accomplishment with Osgoode Hall Law School and the Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators (SOAR).

But wait, there’s more to Houman. He’s not just a legal virtuoso; he’s a professional civil engineer and a real estate aficionado. When it comes to real estate transactions – be it buying, selling, refinancing, or managing commercial leases – Houman’s your trusted advisor. Even in the face of real estate litigations, his expertise prevails, ensuring his clients are always in capable hands.

So, whether you’re grappling with legal intricacies or seeking guidance in the realms of law, trust Houman Mortazavi to be your guiding light, your advocate, and your unwavering partner on the journey to justice and resolution.

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  • Child and Spousal Support
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