DJ Bliss – Toronto’s Celebrity Persian DJ

In February 2008, DJ Bliss took part in YUMCW DJ Battle and took the 2nd place title for ISAYU out of the 14 contestants, at the international associations competition. From that point on, a one night affair took off on its own and has now took him to places that he could not have even imagined himself!

Despite the fact that DJ Bliss had been active in the mainstream scene since 2003, he had just gotten into the Iranian market and from 2008 with hard work and dedication, he achieved so much that very few could ever say they have done the same! He has shared the stage with many stars such as Shahram Shabpareh, Andy and toured with Benyamin and Ehsan just to name a few.

The name
Bliss means utmost happiness/feeling of ecstacy, just how his audience is left feeling at all times…

His name is Aras and he was born in Shiraz, Iran. Canada is home now and will continue to be!

The first thing he always mentions to everyone; music is his love and passion, not a hobby or a job.


Additional Details
Music Genre
  • House
  • Persian
  • Rap
  • Dance
  • MC Services


1 Yonge Street, Toronto