David Khosravi – Persian Real Estate Agent | Willowdale – Toronto

David received his masters from University of Toronto and his PhD in Molecular Biology from York University. David continued his work in scientific field working with global Biotech companies. However, David decided to pursue his Real Estate passion in 2008 and since it has been a great adventure and success working in the industry and people he cares and loves.
David is a family man with three girls. Two of David’s girls are getting ready to start University in our beautiful city Toronto.

The key to David’s success is his experience, vast knowledge of the industry and business. David’s love of working with people and his understanding of people’s psychology. His scope of work with global biotech companies gave him the comfort and the edge to work in high pressure environments.  ​
David believes long term success is only possible with high standards, working with people with high standards.


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175 Willowdale Avenue Unit 100 Toronto, Ontario M2N 4Y9